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Eyelid Lift:

There are several reasons why your upper eyelids may be drooping. Oftentimes excess skin and tissue act as a weight which closes your eyelids. This is corrected by an upper lid blepharoplasty procedure, wherein the excess tissue is removed. When fully healed a very minimal or unnoticeable scar is all that is seen on the upper eyelid. Another cause for drooping of the upper lid is called ptosis. This results from weakening of the muscle inside the eyelid. Ptosis repair surgery allows us to strengthen those muscles.

Brow Lift:

The eyebrows play a critical role in how people interpret your facial expression. In some instances, the brows become so full and droopy as to interfere with a patient’s visual functioning. If severe enough, your insurance company may cover having the brows elevated. There are several different methods for elevating the eyebrows, Dr.¬†Oberg will help create a treatment plan best suited for you.

Lower Eyelid Reconstruction:

An eyelid which is misdirected either too far towards (entropion), too far away from (ectropion), or too far down from (retraction)the eye may cause a wide variety of problems. This can range from excessive dry eye, to damage of the eye itself. There are many causes and different types of eyelid misdirection. A detailed eye and facial exam is required to determine the cause, as well as the best treatment for each individual patient. We are experts in treating lower eyelid malposition and pride ourselves in performing such surgery in the most aesthetically pleasing manner.

Facial Trauma:

Our physicians treat a wide variety of facial trauma ranging from simple and complex facial and eyelid laceration repairs, to complex repairs of the facial skeleton and eye socket. Our physicians currently provide an integral role in the diagnosis and management of highly complex facial trauma at one of the regions leading level I trauma hospitals.

Orbital surgery:

The orbit (bony eye socket) is affected by many different disease processes and tumors. Our surgeons have extensive expertise and experience in dealing with these problems. We currently manage a large population of Graves’ disease patients (Thyroid disease which affects the eye socket), as well as a significant number of patients with less common orbital diseases and tumors.

Dry Eye Disease:

There are many different reasons why people have dry eye. A full exam is required to determine the cause in each specific case. We offer a range of semi-permanent and permanent solutions which provide relief for many patients.

Styes, Chalazion:

A stye or chalazion is a new growth on your eyelid which is often red, tender, and may appear as a large pimple or small abscess. We are able to fully evaluate your eyelids in an attempt to discover the reason your having this problem. We offer both medical and surgical management, including minimally invasive surgical options to treat this disease.

Blepharospasm/Facial Spasm/Migraines:

Blepharospasm and hemifacial spasm refer to uncontrollable facial twitching. Our surgeons are experts in the field of using neuro modulator injections in the treatment of a wide variety of facial dystonias, as well as to help control the symptoms in severe migraine headache suffers. They are also leaders in the field of surgical correction of blepharospasm.

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