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Scrubs and Rubs

Relaxing, Invigorating, and Refreshing

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Scrubs and Rubs

These treatments are designed to give you a relaxing albeit invigorating experience with great looking skin being the end result. Beneficiaries of this procedure are first scrubbed with salt crystals from Great Salt Lake. The salt is mixed with herbs that calm the senses. After the scrub comes hot towels followed by a slathering lotions containing enzymes and fruit acids which have been used for centuries as an anti-inflammatory agents and to improve circulation.

Thank you, Charlie, so very much for taking such excellent care of my darling mother, Julie Samuels, on her special day of facial delights and pampering! Also congratulations, Mom, for winning Charlie’s Mother of the Year Contest! I highly recommend Charlie for all your skincare needs!
Eric Hurtado

Available Services

Arms and Hands – $30

Legs and Feet – $45

Back – $45

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