Functional eyelid repair on 82 year old man.

Before and After Functional Eyelid Surgery by Dr. Richard Anderson

Diagnosis: (H02.79) Other disorders affecting eyelid function, (H02.831) Dermatochalasis right upper eyelid, (H02.834) Dermatochalasis of left upper eyelid, (H02.423) Myogenic ptosis of the bilateral eyelids, (H02.532) Eyelid retraction right lower eyelid, (H02.535) Eyelid retraction left lower eyelid, (H04.523) Eversion of lacrimal punctum bilateral.
Surgery: Eyebrow ptosis repair, functional B (67900); External Levator resection B (67904); Upper lid Blepharoplasty, functional B (15823); Internal tarsal strip B (67917); Formation of pedicle flap eyelids B (15576); Conjunctivoplasty; with rearrangement B (68320); SOOF LIFT; Lower Blephs with fat removal/repositioning;